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  1. Charlie Musser has my heartfelt admiration for his presentation of A PEOPLE’S CONVENTION, yet another great discovery from the woefully understudied post-war U.S. documentary era. The Orgerons have my heartfelt admiration, too, but I want to hear more about how they’ve reinvented the academic couple. Like The White Stripes?

    • Jonathan–any comments about academic couples is probably fraught or else deserving of an extensively ethnographic survey. If I had only gotten a photo of you and Jennifer, I could have elaborated on this mode of being. In any case, congratulations that you are both going to be at UC-Santa Cruz! My own efforts in this direction can only be described as a pitiful, ongoing failure. But back to Devin and Marsha. I think Devin’s hat is part of the equation. To have a hat like that as part of his uniform (like my leather jacket)–and make it totally work. I am awestruck. But then I always wanted to be Buster Keaton when I grew up. Moreover, Devin’s hat is somehow complemented by Marsha’s glasses. Anyway, I’d like think the photo somehow captures an essential quality of their dynamic. Of course, Devin and Marsha are also editors of The Moving Image, which somehow escapes the rigidification of academic publishing. Anyway, they are amazingly cool because they are so down to earth yet possess a quirky sense of humor. Look at the frog clock that they got Dan (see above). Now that they must feel excessively analyzed, I’ll stop. But to the extent that they represent one strand of Film Studies’ future, I am feeling hopeful.

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