3 comments on “A Conference on Women, Social Justice & Documentary

  1. Charlie:

    What a thorough, warm, and intelligent report. I expected no less but am happy to have you here in the blogisphere. Looking forward to updates on your film (and other things).

  2. hmmmm indeed, Charlie! Sweet words here. What a great and unexpected pleasure to see you after so many years. The symposium was a fascinating event for most of us, I suspect, and is beautifully recounted here. But it was the surprisingly personal resonance that caught me off guard. Old friends, new friends, buried memories…I’ve never experienced so many and varied strands from my own film making past –– cutting room, classroom, productions for hire, and evolution of my own work – that criss-crossed variously in less than 24 hours in ways deep and moving.

    Dinner with you and Threese, and then sending you off into the darkness to drive over Mount Tom, seemed somehow to loop past with future. See you soon again! Best ever, Holly

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