2 comments on “My Memorial Day Weekend

  1. Hi!
    Came upon yr blog looking to contact you. I seem to have lost yr email.

    Such loving tributes. I missed Alex’s memorial, but am glad to have your images from it.
    There”s a great Paper Tiger show he did critiquing the Washington Post.

    And Miriams. Missed that one too.
    And of course George……. I wonder if you saw his last hurrah http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Atcn4xmF9v0
    a few days before he passed.

    Did you see this Greenwald piece?
    it mentions Peter Davis’s Selling of the Pentagon and I recalled that the last time I saw Davis was at the conference you organized. The Greenwald piece made me think that it might be useful to re-acquaint folks with that film particularly in light of the Petreaus affair and the current re-thinking of “embedded” media.
    Time for another war and media get-together?

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